12/08/2010 - 16:20

Has everybody got their decorations up?  I'm feeling guilty!



I think Dec 8 is about the right time, so maybe Dec 12 isn't too late! In my 'piazza' a lovely chap died (too young) last year on about Dec 7, and it was simply 'understood' that nobody did Christmas lights last year: so I waited (along with my neighbours) until his widow 'opened the window' this year  by stringing up stuff on her balcony. That happened yesterday: now everybody has followed her lead and the piazza is truly glowing. It is less about globalised Christmas, more about solidarity with your neighbours. Just a thought... 

That is what I call the true spirit of Christmas. Sharing with others both the joy and the sorrow. My father died on Christmas Day, so it is always hard for me to get into the joyful spirit. By the way, I haven't done anything about decorations yet.... but I will do it....