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07/23/2010 - 11:59

After 10 years in Italy, the last 7 of which have been in Le Marche (Macerata province) for family reasons we now have to return to UK for at least a year. As this has all happened rather suddenly we are unable to take our dog with us as we cannot meet the DEFRA requirements re rabies vaccinations/blood tests etc. We are therefore urgently looking for a new home for him - a friend had said she would take him, but sadly her offer was vetoed by her in-laws (in whose house she lives) so having thought it was all sorted we are now back to square one. As we have to leave in mid August things are getting pretty desperate! So, if you know of anyone looking for a dog or if you would be willing to adopt him, please get in touch asap.The dog is male, 3 years old, fully chipped and vaccinated etc, he has a lovely nature and is especially good with children. He is a mongrel but probably a mix of German Shepherd and 'Lassie' type collie. He loves being outside and is very much a country as opposed to a town dog. Having said that, he unfortunately developed an idea that our neighbours free range chickens were some sort of 'toy' for him to play with, so anywhere with free range birds would not be suitable.If anyone can offer any assistance we would be really grateful. He has a kennel, so could even bring his own 'home'!If interested, we can send photos.Many thanks.Yours hopefully.


Hello again! We are now, sadly, back in the UK, but unfortunately the problem is ongoing. We thought we had found someone to adopt the dog, via a friend of a friend, but for some completely inexplicable reason the lady who took him thought it was to be for 3 months max. As we will probably have to relocate yet again to the Far East in a years time we really do need someone to adopt him on a permanent basis. So if you know of anyone looking to adopt a lovely friendly dog please let them know about him and get in touch. Very many thanks.

Your Local Italian vet can do the Rabies jabs and get them tested as well to meet all DEFRA requirements, also get him chipped , vacinated and wormed and issued with a passport. We had our dog done over in Italy and he has travelled back to the UK with no problems. Can't see why you cannot get this done unless the Dog actually has rabies?

We were told that before the passport can be issued there has to be a confirmatory blood test 6 months after the actual vaccination, we did not have 6 months. We are now living in a matchbox of an appartment completely unsuitable for a dog and are due to move to the Far East within a year. It was therefore felt that the kindest thing for the dog would be to find a new home locally to us in Italy - which we thought we had done! (Perhaps I should add for clarity that when we first had the dog and he received the usual jabs, rabies was not included as the vet advised against it as there is no rabies in the area. At that stage we had no intention of returning to UK, so we agreed.   As he has never received the rabies jab he is not covered and would have to start from scratch. So, my tip to any British dog owners in Italy - make sure your dog is vaccinated against rabies so that if the unexpected occurs and you do have to suddenly return to UK, taking the dog with you remains an option.)