Discounts on Replacement kitchens

07/19/2010 - 05:31

Have been back one week from our trip to Bagni. The new house is looking good, we were all ready to put up the spiral staircase BUT... one step missing! Still one week of climibing a practically vertical ladder many times a day has done wonders for my thighs!      Anyway....  we went to buy a ktichen at IKEA in Florence. Did not feel too guilty as we have put many, many thousands of pounds into our local economy already. WE SPENT 9 HOURS THERE! Is this a record?   Anyway... looking at their website yesterday I noted that there is an offer which seems to apply to Italy in general, not just Ikea. If you are replacing a kitchen you can get 15% discount and 20% on electrical goods. This may only apply to residents but I thought the Forum ought to know. Bye for now     Fabbriche


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