Does anyone know how can I register to pay my

07/12/2021 - 07:49

Does anyone know how can I register to pay my property taxes electronically if I do not have any Italian identification documents? I have a Codice Fiscale, of course. But I am not a citizen, nor have a long-stay visa at this time. I doubt my comune will be able to send me a bill since I don't have a numero civico. 


Any insight would be welcomed.



My Comune sends the F24s to me for paying bills - but I have to email the signed F24s to my Italian bank for payment to be made.

The Comune does have an online bill payment site, but at present 'foreigners ' can't use it - but they are working on how to let us do it.

So, in essence,  my advice is talk to the Comune, as every Comune seems to have different processes in place.

Do you have an Italian bank account?   

The Comune should already have all your details from your house purchase.

We email the comune and they send us confirmation of the amount we have to pay. Our bank has a F24 payment option, we complete the details on there and the bill gets paid.




Most comunes will have an IBAN and BIC for non residents to bay by bank transfer.    Given that you cant fill in the F24, you need to to put your codice fiscale, the year for which you are paying and your name in the reason for payment box, and send the comune proof of payment by email.  

I think it's fair to say that each Comune has its own wY of dealing with bills.

I now use, as I say above, the Bank route.  Before that I used the IBAN BIC way - both have their faults.  ---  

My bank closed my branch and transferred me to a nearby branch, but forgot to pay the F24s, in the reorganisation process, until reminded, after the due date

When I used BIC IBAN route, I was contacted 6 years later, saying I hadn't paid one bill.  They had lost my email, but luckily I had a copy to send them.

So keep good records of what you do.