Does anyone know how Italy is for

07/04/2014 - 05:15

Does anyone know how Italy is for asthma.  Having only been couple of weeks at a time just wondering for people there long term how they find it compared to UK.  Also how they cope for treatment.  Thanks 



I find asthma here identical to the UK although my asthma is not caused by airborne particles. I take a daily dose of Symbicort and never feel any asthmatic symptoms. I previously used Ventolin on an acute basis. You can get a local doctor to prescribe these. Some pharmacists will sell them without a presciption if they think you're a sensible person. If you're sensitive to certain kinds of pollin, then you need to be aware of the seasonal release.

Thanks toscanaman.  I hadn't heard of Symbicort so looked that up.  I was on Becotide for years and decided just to have Ventolin as I didn't like taking steroids.  Pollen doesn't usually bother me but changs in weather do.

Hi Joy! You will have no problems treating your asthma here. Italy has some leading research institutes for asthma and allergies, amongst them the Policlinico Gemelly in Rome and one in Pisa which is part of its University. It is good that your asthma is not linked to pollen as it can be a bit of a problem at certain times of the year. My advice - as it is the case for anyone suffering from a chronic ailment - would be to ask your regular doctor to give you a copy of your medical history or a certificate stating your condition and the treatment that you follow. This is very helpful should you require assistance from a local doctor.