driving licence

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01/31/2011 - 04:15

Hi all, I need some advice please.I have been driving in Italy for four years on my English driving licence, but am now fast approaching my 70th birthday when my licence runs out. If I remember correctly, in England after, your 70th birthday, you had to have a doctors note to be able to apply for a further licence. I do not have an address in the UK or a doctor there. Any ideas how I can continue driving here legally?ThanksFrank.


You may have problems renewing online, if;-

  1. You don't have a UK address - you are supposed to be UK resident to renew online.    ....or
  2. You [like me] have the old style paper license only [i.e. - no photo license]

Good luck

I have a few friends in your 'category' who got a bit panicky - one of them used his son's address in the UK, another did it totally 'online', so I'd go along with Andiamo's advice. Surely you have somebody in the UK who'd let you use their address if necessary? Nobody needed any certificate from a doctor.