Electricity cost question.

05/22/2009 - 07:54

As many of you know, neighbours in Italy can be marvellous.As I have recently had a lawn sown, 120 bay laurel trees and various other plants planted, my worry was how to water them now they are young and in the coming hot summer months. I know you are not supposed to use mains water for a garden in summer and the cost could be high anyway if watering every couple of days. Well my kind neighbour on his own initiative is linking me up to his pozzo so I can have fresh spring water on tap 24/7.He is even going to fix a valve in my garden so I just turn it and it will automatically turn on the pump. I insist on paying for the cost of the electricity to run the pump but he is saying not to worry about that. My question is this. Does anyone know how much it would cost to run a 1000watt motor for one hour? My dear neighbour says it is only about 20 cents but I can't believe it could be that cheap. I want to be able to keep a record and pay him what he is due so any help would be most useful.Not sure where this post is going to end up as there does not seem to be a utilities/cost of living topic anymore which I would think would be most useful to the community.

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