Email overload - how do I unsubscribe??

05/14/2009 - 20:27

Not sure if this is the right place for this but anyway..... I've managed to subscribe to posts and am now getting masses of emails. I can't find how to unsubscribe again. Can someone talk me through it?



as it allows me to illustrate [b]all the neat things[/b] we can now do with text. :) Here is what you need to do:[list][*] Click on My Account[*] Click On Notifications[*] Manage Subscriptions[*] Cancel the ones you are not interested in[/list] :)

Thanks Ronald - done that, though for others who are as neurotic as me about clicking the right bit - I'll just say that1. Notifications is a Tab2. It says Administer Subscriptions, rather than Manage (sounds vaguely priest-like)3. You have the choice of "edit" or "drop" when you get to your current subscriptions4. If you click on "drop" it then says something very scary - "THIS ACTION CANNOT BE UNDONE" - above an unsubscribe button.5. Clicking on the unsubscribe button doesn't bring a thunderclap but does seem to remove that particular subscription! :D