English .. please tell me it's not true! https://video.

01/12/2021 - 15:34

English .. please tell me it's not true!




Jaunuary , 12 , 2021

Netherlands, customs officers seize ham sandwiches from British citizens: "Welcome to Brexit"

 British citizens who have arrived in the Netherlands since early 2021 have found that leaving the European Union following Brexit may have cost them more than they thought, including lunch. In fact, passengers arriving from ferries were seized by customs officials various foodstuffs, including ham sandwiches and canned sardines, due to the new strict rules on the importation of meat, fruit, vegetables and fish.

 "Do you have meat in your sandwich?" Asked a Dutch customs officer of a man who had just arrived at the port of Hook of Holland. "Yes? Then, we have to seize everything, I'm sorry. Welcome to Brexit, sir," the official said.




It's true - it was publicised before Brexit Day that we wouldn't be allowed, by the EU, to take meat or dairy products into the EU, so no meat or cheese sandwiches in the Channel Tunnel or ferries.


I was planning (hoping) that egg sandwiches would be OK. - Anyway,  I'd eat them before entering the EU - if we ever get to drive down to Italy again.

Mind you, about 5 years ago, we were stopped at the Swiss border, coming from Germany, and the Border Guard asked if we had any meat products in the car

Watched the video - even the driver was laughing at how ridiculous it was.  No wonder so many voted "Leave" in the Referendum

Alan ,

Well, before voting Leave, this did not exist - and therefore the vote could not depend on this possible farce, if anything would have been the other way around, that is, vote stay, to avoid this farce.

I must say, in all honesty, that when for work, up to the 85 years, I went to England by car, even twice a month, I never went through Dutch ports, but from France, Belgium, and sometimes Sweden .

But nobody, in any port, has ever asked me if I had any sandwiches of foreign production or in any case canned goods or other food products

I would like to be disproved by your experiences as current travelers, but I fear that this, haughtiness, may be typical of a certain European nation - I doubt that at our Italian airports, the border police check if any British traveler has products with them. food <prohibited>.

Until the covid closed us all at home, I traveled, several times a year to Russia, and despite the current penalties, neither in nor out, no one ever cared about what food I brought with me

I remember the run up to the referendum vote in 2016.  As we approached the day of the vote I remember asking family friends contacts if they were going to vote and if so which way.  I was struck by how many were intending to vote leave.  There is'nt a 'type' of vote leave voter, people from all backgrounds voted leave.  I knew on the morning of the vote that the decision to leave was going to be considerably closer than most of the voting pundits predicted.  Lo and behold at 4.00 am on Friday 24 June 2016, David Dimbleby, hosting BBC referendum coverage through the night announced that Britain had voted to leave the EU after 43 years membership. A full 4 years after the vote the EU still cannot understand why the British voted to leave.  Therein lies the answer. 

Alas the UK is a third country. People are aghast at sandwiches being confiscated because we took things for granted. I would never take a sandwich to say Australia or USA.