Fingers crossed, we are driving out to Italy from the

08/12/2020 - 06:16

Fingers crossed, we are driving out to Italy from the UK later this month. Two of our proposed overnight stops have been cancelled due to the current situation. Does anyone have a recommendation for a stop the Swiss side of the Gotthard Tunnel please? 



We always stay at the Seerauch Hotel in Beckenreid,  on the shores of Lake Lucerne.  Best hotel we've found in that area, and very convenient to get to from the motorway (5 mins). 

Food is great, service superb, and English spoken fluently.  Their website appears to be in German, but give them a ring.

Good luck with the trip.

In theory, if you stop in Luxembourg you would have to quarantine on entering Swiitzerland.  Not sure if you would be allowed to just stay overnight and continue your journey.

If you stop in either Luxembourg and/or Belgium on the way back its 2 weeks quarantine on your return to the UK


Will probably avoid Luxembourg to be safe. We are proposing to travel back via France, but things seem to be changing on a daily basis. Looking at their daily increase in cases, would imagine quarantine will also be necessary if we stop there!

France now on Quarantine List


Plus Netherlands and others - so if you drive back from Italy, 14 days quarantine on your entry into UK from 0400 hrs BST Saturday. 

Was to be expected. Fortunately we are retired so we no real hardship for us despite the inconvenience of it all.  Hopefully Italy will not impose any quarantine measures. Have booked the Swiss hotel you recommended. Many thanks.

If things stay as they are now, you can avoid quarantine by staying out of France.   If you drive from Switzerland into Germany, and up to Aachen on the German/Belgium border.  From there it is less than 4 hrs non-stop drive to Calais across Belgium.  By non-stopping, you don't have to quarantine on your return.  It only adds about 2 hrs to the total journey time,  and about 120 miles to the overall distance.i

depends on which part of the UK you have to go to, if it is north of London, you can cross Switzerland, to basel and from there take the German motorway to Cologne, Aachen, then take the Nord sea Ferry from Zeebrugge to Hull - around 1100 km - all highway - in germany there are no speed limits, if you are a good driver or, better if there are two to drive, with less than 10 hours you are on the ferry - me in the 80s , I did this road 2 times a month with the Citroen CX, and sometimes it took even less time.-

if, on the first day, he stops to sleep in Switzerland, he takes the 5 o'clock tea at home :)

it is likely that this virus will force us ALL into the borders of their habitual residence nations, effectively nullifying a hundred and more years of achievements of individual freedom and interaction among the peoples of the earth - this event, the results of which are very similar to a war world, is the result, of the expansionist policy of a particular nation, in which respect for the rest of the other peoples of the world has been confined to the basement. in all this scenario, Brexit is like a drop of water in the sea.

We have resigned ourselves to the fact that we will have to isolate on return as we intend to drive back with an overnight stop in Colmar. Little bit concerned about the overnight stop in Switzerland on our outward journey as we intend to have a stop in Belgium the previous night. As I understand it, we would only have to quarantine if we stay longer than 24 hours in Belgium. It’s a minefield!