In floor heating

01/01/2012 - 13:45 I came across this product, which looks like a good alternative for infloor heating in all-wood floor construction (such as ours). These systems often seem better suited to cement floors so I was intrigued to find a wood subfloor product with the heating elements included. They even have a thin version where ceiling height is a challenge, which is the case for our main floor at Godzilla. Anyone have experience with this or something similar?



Had a read-up on this, but there are a few concerns. Talking to someone in Scotland who had a ASHP with  underfloor heating, but with wooden flooring in lounge/dining room.  Temperature in those rooms was low, as wooden floors act as insulation, so low heat transfer=higher running cost.

That's why I thought their inclusion of a metal film within the sandwich, to conduct the heat better, was clever - but I don't know anyone who's actually tried this floor. I've been in other homes in Italy where they're floor heated, but usually it's tile on concrete.

I'll defer to Badger on this subject, but his valid point about the overlaying wood flooring being an insulating material becomes (obviously) less of a consideration if the wood flooring is thin. The illustration on the Warmboard site indicates boards of about 15mm - it is possible to get reasonable 'system' wood floor finishes as thin as 10mm.  It looks to me like a fairly okay system for a wood constructed structure. Maybe the use of the aluminuim (pipes and sheet) even goes some way to addressing the warm up/cool down 'lag' associated with conventional underfloor systems in heavyweight constructions.

There does seem to be mixed reviews on the product. I found a couple of forums (U.S) where it was being discussed. May be worth a read. With the warmup/cool down lag in heavyweight UFH, this can be controlled by the correct heat delta setup  and as mentioned in the above forums, they suggest using a external air sensor as well.