Folding patio doors

08/03/2011 - 03:18

I'm looking for large pvc patio folding doors about 3000 wide and 2200 high. Does anyone know of any companies that would either ship to Italy from uk or any Italy companies. Would prefer Italian company and if in abruzzo even better. Thanks



Firstly, uPVC isn't very much used in Italy: whether this is because of rational technical considerations (all forms of PVC degrade in sunlight, to greater or lesser degrees - and there is a sackload more sun in Italy than there is in the UK!), or whether it's a 'closed shop' issue - I dunno. You are also looking at a very large 'patio door'. Have you thought about the heat gain that this implies? Obviously this depends on orientation, but if these huge doors face southish you are going to have to consider how you put external shutters on them (and in how many leaves these shutters have to be made so they'll fold back etc. etc.) There are good reasons for Italian houses being 'underwindowed' - (and slowly these reasons are being changed by advanced glass technology, predominantly, also the willingness of rich gits to pay for air con) - but please consider both the aesthetic and practical aspects of 'importing' these northern European giant doors into an unsuspecting bit of Abruzzo! It is possible that you will regret it.

i agree....doesn't do much for security either...we are at 1.500 ft. close to Abruzzo,the houses have relatively small windows to keep heat out...and to keep heat in according to the season.The idea that you sit around inside looking out at the view/garden just doesn't happen because in summer and winter one is outside most of the time when you're in it's to eat/sleep/look at pc/read/computer etc for which one doesn't require a factory gate style window...oh and someone i knew put on his house pvc guttering! after four years it disintegrated!

Sorry, but I have to disagree with Fillide's comments. We have an 18th Century mill on the Lima River in Tuscany. Prior to our purchase, the previous owner (who is a builder) made some renovations, including changing all the existing windows, which were in a very poor condition, for PVC  double-glazed ones that look and feel as if they were made of wood and had been there all the time. These windows provide perfect insulation and the whole house (4 storey high) is warm in winter and cool in summer. We do not use air conditioning at all, only a limited amount of our central gaz heating in winter as it warms out very quickly. PVC has advanced a lot over the years. Yes, it is expensive, but worth the extra cost. You can get doors and windows in Italy made of PVC. Go to the largest "falegnameria" in your area and they will be able to assist. Ours, works mainly with timber and he is also a well known cabinetmaker; however, he is very proud of the windows he installed in our mill.

The patio door are never in the sunlight and they need to be able to open fully as this is onto a large terrace. We are also adding a special therma film to the glass which will help with heat getting in or out. We are getting a commercial shutter that will close Top to bottom for security when we are not there,although our surrounding neighbours are all related to us and will keep a close eye on the property. We have found one window maker in avezzano but found him very expensive. Anyone know of any other in abruzzo we could try for a price. Thanks for all thereplies. Ali

I should add that PVC windows are an expensive item in Italy. Perhaps, buying somewhere else may be cheaper; however, transport could increase the original price and I would always prefer to buy locally, even if it is more expensive, as you can always go back to the manufacturer or fitter if something goes wrong.