Football ?

06/13/2012 - 12:21

With apologies in advance to the vast majority (I assume) who don't feel the same way I do - but I can't stand watching footie...if I must, would much prefer a game of rugby. Obviously therefore, I haven't got a pay package of any kind ...but I have a friend who is a real fan and in the past has been able to watch most games (please don't ask me to be more specific!) on internet - but this year can't find any site where he can indulge his passion - not for free anyway. Does any one have any suggestions??Many thanks!


Football is quite a great sport. It's always been a crowded scenario when there's a rugby football game and the audience are delirious inside the court cheering up their favorite teams. It's just like a crowded game like a boxing fight between pacquiao vs rios. Football is kind of interesting sport and it's a tough sport to play that's why it all needs physical strength and the players must be fit and strong at all times.

While I cannot endorse or promote any specific illegal or unauthorised streaming sites, I can provide you with some legitimate options to check out:
Official streaming services: Many rugby leagues and tournaments have their own official streaming services where you can purchase a subscription to watch games legally. Examples include the following:
Rugby Pass: Offers broadcasts of various rugby leagues and tournaments including international matches, Super Rugby and more.
Six Nations Rugby: Official streaming service of the Six Nations Championship.
World Rugby: May offer live streaming of some matches and tournaments.
Cable or Satellite TV: Your friend can explore cable or satellite TV packages that offer sports channels that broadcast rugby matches. I'd also look into Betwinner BD sports and betting and not only that, more and more people are interested in it. Sports streaming platforms: Some general sports platforms may offer rugby matches alongside other sports. Examples include: