Giro d'Italia 2011

11/06/2010 - 07:04

The route/timings for next years Giro d'Italia have been posted   My son rang me up to inform me that the route passes about 100m away from my holiday place. He also informed me that he was using the house that week! So much for parental rights!!!



After reading your post we were interested in timing a visit to our apartment to coincide with one of the stages of the Giro.  The Tour de France came through Kent in 2007 and it was great fun to watch.  Having never seen the Giro d'Italia before, I wanted to know wondered whether it is also preceeded by all the sponsors' floats, cars with spare bikes etc, what the French call the "caravane".  It really built up the excitement before the riders flashed past and were gone in seconds! Any other comments about the Giro gratefully received!

Well, it passes reasonably close to where we live just north of Naples in 2011.  My wife went this year, but sadly I could not get the day off work.  She tells me that it does not have the same cavalcade that the TdF has.  The Tour is an impressive beast that takes ages to pass. We watched the tour on the slopes of Ventoux a couple of years ago - an excellent day out. 

The passing of the Giro will be something worth seeing. So much so that my brother is coming out to see us when the race passes near Morrovalle/Montelupone. Certainly advisable to take a day off work and make a trip of it. This is the kind of thing that the Italians do brilliantly, and it would be a shame not to witness it.