Greetings from Yorkshire

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05/23/2009 - 04:09

Greetings from Sunny Yorkshire,I am driving down to our house in Testico today in my Fiat Panda....should be fun!!!Which brings me to my point, it may sound bizarre but the car is a left hooker and registered in Greece with Greek plates which I bought in the UK. I have gone thru all the formalities of trying to register it in the UK  so it would have UK plates, I took all the paper work to DVLA in Teesside only to be told it needed a Certificate of Conformity, which Fiat in the UK could not produce for me and I would have to apply to Fiat in Greece and was told this could be a lengthy process. This is my dilema I am going to leave it at my house in Liguria to use when I come down to Italy but I understand I need to be a living in Italy to register it so it has Italian plates.My question is 2 fold1. Is possible to register a car in Italy if I do not live in Italy all the time.2. How difficult is it to register a Greek registered car in Italy so that it will have Italian plates.Any answers to my problem would be gratefully received.CheersGlyn Stead 


We are just at the start of the process of registering a car with UK plates in Italy.  My husband is resident.  Nobody knows how much it will cost - extimate Euro 1000 to 1500 plus the fee for the agency.  Before you start I would make sure the car is really worth it!  We are having second thoughts and may yet drive the car back to England, sell and buy in Italy.

Why do you have an Italian car with Greek plates in Yorkshire in the first place? There must be a story worth telling there!

You have absolutely no chance in registering a car without a cert of conformity, sorry. We have just sold a UK registered car to an Italian and went through the re-registration process. It does cost around 1k as its a far more complicated process than just a change of ownership which is about €500. They have to do a cert of conformity check, they write to Swansea to check whether its stolen (and get a translation of that) they have to put it through a Revisione (Italian MOT) to make sure it complied with their regs, a notary check that everything is ok and then the change of ownership process once it has an Italian registration number (and plates).It all took about 1 month.Having said that we had the Landrover for one year and even with the cost of re-registration, we ended up with over €1,000 more than we paid for it because of the cost of second hand cars here, so it was well worth the wait