Having dreams of opening a small supper club/restaurant.  

11/06/2009 - 08:45

Having dreams of opening a small supper club/restaurant.  Might anyone know what documents/ certificates/licenses one would need before braving such a venture?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.




I have a mate who is hoping to open a bar or similar; he's attending night classes organised by the Comune to make sure he is up to pace.Depending on where you live I have a couple of mates with trattorias etc that would be willing to put you in the picture.I'd suggest also getting yourself a good accountant who should also be able to tell you what's involved.

Andrew's advice is correct, you need an accountant. You also need to contact your local Chamber of Commerce as generally they are the ones issuing the licence. Every location has different rules and requisites. This thread from the old forum may be of help: www.italymag.co.uk/forums/general-chat-about-italy/11880-advice-needed-licenced-premises.htmlGood luck with your plans!