Hello all ☀️I am looking to insure a house in

07/11/2022 - 03:51

Hello all ☀️ 

I am looking to insure a house in Veneto which has been left to my dad (an English citizen) and my auntie (an Italian citizen) , I have a free rental contract so am liable for everything. Could anyone recommend some insurance companies, I don’t want to pay a lot but have peace of mind. I am doing Airbnb with the house.

Thank you! 



Unfortunately, Insurance is not cheap in Italy.  I use this company to insure my house (permanent residence) https://intasure.com/holiday-home-insurance/  You can deal with them in English which is a plus


You will need a policy which covers rentals.  It would be easiest and cheapest if your auntie could insure it in her name, but if thats not possible, try Generali or Genertel (the online version of Generali).  They will give you buildings and contents cover.    However most policies require that you are at the property every 60 days minimum.  If that isnt the case, then it gets much more complicated, though generali did do a specific contract for clients of mine who couldnt guarantee the 60 day absence rule.