Hello all - My husband and I are

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01/01/2015 - 11:21

Hello all - My husband and I are US citizens with our own business (solely a US based business - no sales outside the US - wasn't sure if this info is important or not to the Italian authorities), however we would like to gain permanent residency status in Italy.  We would continue to manage our business during our time in either Italy, the US or where ever we happen to be travelling.  We are trying to put together a list of the things we need to do in order to gain permanent residency status and so far this is what we have (our stays in Italy would be 6 months or longer at a time):

  1. Obtain entrance Visa from local Italian Consulate prior to departure from US
  2. Obtain Permesso si Soggiorno once in Italy
  3. Visit our local Anagrafe to apply for residency
  4. Obtain  and sign the Accordo di Integrazione - work on obtaining a total of 30 credits (signing gets us 16)
  5. Obtain a Codice Fiscale - unsure when to apply for this or where - I understand we need this to open a bank account in Italy and for a number of other reasons

Are we missing anything from the above steps?  Are we using the right terms (including 'Permanent Residency')?  As a permanent resident in Italy would we also be permitted to apply for an Italian Passport?  As a permanent resident in Italy I assume we would NOT be allowed to vote..is this correct?  Are there any other quetions we should be asking or information we need to be aware of?Thank you in advance for reading and considering all these questions.  I always find this forum helpful.-Hera 



HiYou will not be entitled to permanent residency as US citizens.  With your Permesso di Soggiorno you will be allowed residency on certain criteria - in your case probably elective residency.  However, as residents you will be subject to IVIE and IVIFE which measn you will pay the Italian govt 1% of your world wide patrimony in tax per year - that is private and business - which will mean you will probably want to revise your plans.   You will need a rental contract or a registered house purchase to gain reidency and proof that you will not be aburden on the Italian state, so you will also need to show you have a certain annual income and health insurance.