Hello all,I wondered if anyone might be able to

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11/22/2022 - 18:42

Hello all,

I wondered if anyone might be able to help with registering with a GP in around the Modica area.

I have had Italian residency for 7 years and have had an Italian passport since birth, I'm 60 years old and don't work.

I'm house owner too.

How do I register with a GP? I had tried to research this issue umpteenth times and I find I cannot find a clear answer to this.

I'd appreciate any advice 




Thank you for your reply!

I will ask the young people who live me for help!!

Actually, I'm very computer literate and have visited the polyambulatorio in Modica but they seem to offer very contradicting responses, they are not very concise in all manners.

I don't find on-line procedures confusing so if you have any on-line procedures that you think might help, then please do send me them.

btw, I'm fluent in pure Italian


Thanks again

Hello all,
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Thanks for your reply.

Your comments, 'consider seeking profession l guidance' and 'there are reputable services' - who exactly do you mean?

Do you know where or who I contact for professional guidance and do you know the reputable services that provide support?

Can you offer help with this?

I don't have a business plan, hence not need for help there.

What did they tell you at the ASL?  I assume you have been over the last 7 years, they must have told you why they wouldnt give you a GP?  

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