Hello everyone,Are there any actual border checks now when

12/19/2021 - 02:28

Hello everyone,


Are there any actual border checks now when crossing Montblanc tunnel from Italy to France?



The last time we travelled through the only is was between Europe and England. Passanger locator form covid cert etc. 

There were no restrictions between France and Italy. 

Not sure what the current requirements are but I do know that between Holland and Italy you are required to have a pre departure test. 

I don't think that there are any special checks between Italy and France

However, assuming you are in a UK registered car, the automatic number plate system  may flag up that you're a Brit, and you could get pulled over just to check you've been in Europe long enough to avoid any speciaL requirements for UK citizens entering France. 

( If you're in an Italian registered car, I wouldn't expect any stop at all,,)

Hope you made the trip.

BBC announced today that France is preventing Brits that live in EU from driving through France.

Seems to be about EU Brits not be allowed back into France from uk.

Details a bit confused at present  (08.00am GMT)