Hello everyonethis message is ideally

03/25/2019 - 15:04

Hello everyone,this message is ideally for people who live or plan to live in Abruzzo, but it can do also for centre of Italy or Italy in general.My name is Angelo. I am based in Abruzzo and I am very much interested in properties, the house purchasing process, the maintenance, the management and all sorts of problems, issues, complications, the legalities, the taxations and the long and tough dealings with the local and national authorities. This is just to name a few of the most common things and obstacles we all face when it comes to properties at any stage.I am really passionate about properties, I am going to continue learning more and more about it, I am doing daily a big amount of work related to properties and going to continue learning more and invest more in it. The reason why I am posting this is because I would like to help people and foreigners in general that are thinking of buying a property in Italy, or that own one already, who feel they are encountering big difficulties due to the language barrier, or the complicate and quite slowpaced administrative side of the matter, etc etc. I would like to give moral and practical support just by chatting or having a phone call or meet in person whenever practicable, just to see if I can help to resolve the problem or clarify and simplify it.Of course I am not offering a professional service of any kind. I am only trying to be supportive and helpful for people out there who may feel stuck and lost, confused and overwhelmed by the whole process. By doing so I will learn while helping. I will get more and more practical esperience from each particular case, which will expand my knowledge in this field.I lived abroad many year so I truly sympathise with people who plan to live in Italy or have already moved and they have concerns about the house.Well, thanks a lot for reading! I hope we can chat and become friends :)Ciao a tutti e grazie