Hello, I am risking an usual question but any direction

04/03/2024 - 09:34

Hello, I am risking an usual question but any direction may help.

Is there any retired British person in my situation here, living and full time resident in Italy.? I have a quick question.  In a few years time  I will retire and try to aggregate a tiny Italian state pension with my UK state pension (towards which I currently pay class 2 voluntary contributions). That's one thing. In addition,  I will have a small UK private pension and a small UN pension.  My question is, do I have to declare the private pension at some point and same thing with the UN pension? (I know people, some of them Italian., who receive a UN pension and do not declare it , this is because the UN salaries are not taxable by Italy in the first place)

Last, if you are retired and resident in Italy, and have a similar "complicated" situation, what do you use to do your tax declaration in Italy? Any advice welcome

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I can only answer small bits of your question. I assume you mean Class 3 Voluntary NI contributions. If not already aware, you can check your UK pension forecast online, this is useful to check that you have complete years as just one missing Class 3 contribution invalidates a year.  Ypu  sn then plug any gaps but there are time limits.

You can also ring the International Pension Centre at Newcastle to get early advice on whether best to aggregate pension into the Italian pension, or Italian pension into UK pension or keep them as separate. I don't know about UN pension tax treatment but I am sure all your other income would have to be declared.

I don't know how income is declared in Italy.

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Thank you. No, I definitely pay class 2 contributions, not 3. I don't know why but that's the NI told me to do many years ago.  I have registered with Gov.UK website so as to get my forecast and all. on that side all is clear.  Thank you for your advice on calling the International Pension Centre at Newcastle, I will do this.

Its complicated isnt it?  Im going through the same thing without the UN bit, and I have no idea what to do.    I went to various patronati and they all said don't aggregate the pensions,  if you have enough qualifying years. If not then aggregate.  So I guess the advice to you would be get your UK pension with your Italian missing years calculated in - unless you have paid your contributions in the UK for your Italian years in which case it isnt possible.   You cannot pay contributions in both countries for the same years. 

Your private pension should be declared and tax paid in Italy, as your UK pension.  Cant help about UN pensions. 

The tax forms from this year are becoming much simpler - they say, so by the time it applies to you it may be even easier.... 

Hi, if you want help on this, there is a good group on FB that I recenly found, called protect European Pensions.  It still is complicated to me though because I am neither British nor Italian. What I have read there and on the EU website is that you can apply via INPS to the UK state pension so that Italy does "agregate" the total, but you are paid by the UK and  Italy separately. The only thing that is not clear to me is whether to use a commercialista or other to get the pension declared when retired, and also whether I should already declare my private pension, which at present I no longer contribute to and which I do not receive yet.