Hello I am told that my electricity supplier Servizio Electtrica

09/18/2023 - 12:27

Hello I am told that my electricity supplier Servizio  Electtrica  nazionale are no more.

I have a credit of 500 Euros with them and don’t know how to claim it back. Does anyone have experience of claiming back a credit.

my electricity was cut off and I couldn’t contact them so I changed to ENEL.

however you now have to have an Italian SIM card to enable the account. Was anyone aware of this new rule.



Not wanting to hijack this post ... but ... has anyone done research into electricity suppliers given that, as I understand, prices will no longer be controlled from April '24 and the market becomes competitive?

I lifted the below. I'm not sure why you would be cut off while being in credit. Anyhow, when the service ends people will either need to find a new supplier using something like SWITCHO or else an interim solution called PLACET will offer alternative suppliers and perhaps one will be selected if you don't choose yourself.

As for the credit, all i could find was an italian freecall number that doesn't work with a UK sim and they seem to have an email address for queries in Area Clienti. I used to use them but also switched to ENEL a while back.


PLACET offers are offers with fixed or variable price for the power supply, price structure and contractual conditions defined by the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment. Click on “Offer Detail” to discover more about PLACET offers.