Hello, I just purchased a property in Liguria and I'm

06/15/2023 - 06:43

Hello, I just purchased a property in Liguria and I'm wondering if anyone has experience here refurbishing their own property. I'd love recommendations for the best DIY stores, any pitfalls to watch out for, and any other tips would be greatly appreciated. It seems like working on your own home is less common here than in the US where I'm from. I'm not planning on doing any changes to the exterior or moving walls or anything like that, only resurfacing the interior walls, redoing the bathrooms and kitchen, replacing doors and windows. All things I've done in the US, but I understand the system is quite different here. And advice and tips will be greatly appreciated!




The two DIY stores I use are LeRoyMerlin and OBI who have good internet sites so you can plan while out of Italy as well as a decent network of stores.  They are typical DIY stores so not the place for building materials.

It's also good to use a local builders merchant.  They are small operations and they won't have the same range but they will be better for building materials and advice.