Hello, I possibly could have property in Italy where my

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07/14/2020 - 11:38

Hello, I possibly could have property in Italy where my grandparents & parents lived. How do I go about looking into that?



Contact our office for a free Italian ownership report.  Required name and year of birth of those living or deceased but still on title. The source is information is the Italian Gov. server. 

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Hi trashmouth

it is necessary to make a <visura> of the cadastral archive of the city where you think the property is located - you need name, surname, date and place of birth, of the grandparents - if you have their Italian tax code, it is better - It can be done also a survey on all the cadastral archives of Italy - To do the survey you need access to the portal of the Revenue Agency - to a surveyor or a Notary in Italy - the survey costs an average of 6 euros - maybe he does free

Antony ,

surely, even your office can do it, it is enough to have the tax code and a pec box - the difference is in the costs Italian notaries and surveyors, access at no cost - all the others must pay an annual canine and make a deposit - clearly your office can also offer the service at a reduced cost if it wishes.

Antony ,

Basterebbe .. ma purtroppo al software dell agenzia del entrate - NON BASTA :)  - ed è proprio per la possibilità degli omonimi che NON BASTA -

In Italia , anche se può sembrare strano a chi vive in America da un po' - esistono dei bravi tecnici di software , che sanno costruire dei programmi in grado di dialogare con i data base , per i quali sono stati creati

It would be enough .. but unfortunately the software of the revenue agency - NOT ENOUGH :) - and it is precisely because of the possibility of homonimals that IT IS NOT ENOUGH  !

In Italy, even if it may seem strange to those who have lived in America for a while - there are good software technicians who know how to build programs capable of communicating with the databases for which they were created.


Then sorry, Antony , this is a community, not an advertising page. Try to limit yourself if you can - if everyone who, like you and me, runs a business, starts posting credentials in every place - this cliché becomes the craigslist branch.....