Hello, I wondered if anybody could help with getting&

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11/18/2020 - 10:08


I wondered if anybody could help with getting a GP - family doctor... when i inquired in Modica at the polyambulatorio office, they said that

that I would have to pay from around 370 euros a year (more depending on income) in order to be part of the  Italian NHS system. 

It was explained to me that it's because I have not paid any contributions and  no employment contact to show and I'm not yet of the age to

receive a  UK pension. 

I have an Italian passport and residency (might be elective) and I'm UK domiciled and spend a few months a year in sicily so my question is if I

were to decide to stay more or less full time in sicily does that mean that I cannot access the NHS system other than pay the amount  that 

was asked at the ambulatorio? (or indeed buy private insurance) 

I'm quite confused because as an Italian citizen, resident, UK domiciled, I don't seem to be able to become part of the NHS system..

(I assumed that all EU countries were covered) obviously with Brexit this could all change -I asked several my neighbours and pharmacist

friends around the Modica area and they were equally confused by the ambulatorio response....at the moment I use standard travel 

insurance which obviously covers medical care...

Does that mean that every single person in italy must have contract of employment or pay for a GP? or are there lots of Italians around 

with no access to a GP or NHS - the ambulatorio said that in the event of an emergency obviously I'd be treated but then after would have  to pay...

If anyone could put me in touch with someone who could help, then that be great....thank you



The director of the Asl in Modica has decided that even if you are Italian,  you cannot have a family doctor if you have been resident outside Italy and have paid no tax in the last 'x' years.  Your options are to get private health insurance, the assicurazione volontaria which is means tested but starts at 370 euros pa (and runs Jan to Dec).   You dont have other options and will have to pay the health insurance for 5 years, or until you have a job/open a partita IVA or reach pensionable age.

Thanks Modicasa - I don't understand that,  I'll have to pay the  health insurance for 5 years 

(what happens after that -don't I need to pay it anymore?)

Also I have Italian residency but UK domicile - however, if I changed that to Italian 

domicile then surely I could get a GP....

Also does that mean that all Italians that have a GP, all have contributed to tax and have a

contract of employment? otherwise that would suggest that many are without health care...

It feels quite unclear - as a pure example - if an Italian who's worked in UK, paid UK taxes 

for X amount of years, decides to return to Italy and not yet of age for UK pension, then 

how does that person access health care?

Also, as you mentioned -private health insurance from 370 euro means tested is a fee to

get a GP and health care - NOT private care as it is in UK,such as Bupa?

Is this an actual law or is it decided by each ASL department? 

If that is the case, then I may as well use my annual travel insurance which covers me for

accident and emergency.....

Presumably when pension time arrives,UK state pensions are allowed to be paid in Italy?


I pleased Modica-sa did reply as I was looking forward to knowing the answer. I would ensure any UK yearly insurance does cover you as most limit your stay. Yes, your UK state pension can be paid in Italy and I almost certain (even in these strange times) this will continue regardless of the “B” word. What could be more at risk in future years is the up-rating, but again I think this will be okay.

The Assic Volontaria gives you full access to state healthcare - a family GP, hospitals, clinics etc - but not provate healthcare unless your doctor prescribes it.  After 5 years as a resident you would be a long term resident and be entitled to health care.  

It would make no difference as to whether you were domiciled here, it is your tax contributions which count. If you have residency and leave italy for more than 6months within the first 5 years, you lose your residence and have to start again - so your 'few months' a year in Sicly becomes very important.  

The question is how did you get your residency without having health insurance, as the two are now mutually dependent. 

AS to whether it's the law, I would say its an interpretation of the law.