Hello, I'd be grateful for your thoughts about geometra's fees

01/07/2024 - 12:11

Hello, I'd be grateful for your thoughts about geometra's fees and processes.  We have a (tiny!) house in Tuscany that we are wanting to extend (under the 20% permitted development) and have approached a geometra (recommended to us by our estate agent).  We have been quoted 7,400 euros +VAT +CNPAG for various fees relating to surveys, building permits, accessing documents at the Comune etc.  Once this work has been done, they will then be able to provide an estimate of the cost and management of the project.  Is this the normal way round of doing things?  I get that some work (and therefore expenditure) will need to be carried out so they can then provide a more accurate estimate of the full costs, but in theory we could be in a position of paying nearly 10k euros to find out the project may cost more than we've budgeted for!  Are they likely to be able to give a rough estimate of costs based on their previous experience and assuming no unforeseen circumstances?

Many thanks! 

Fran, Sheffield, UK



normally the technicians provide a rough estimate of the total cost of the entire operation, including design costs, taxes etc., and a rough idea of the costs to be incurred for the restoration. these second costs normally include the costs of the materials and the company that carries out the work - Of course it is a rough estimate, not very detailed, i.e. with the possibility of an increase or decrease of 10/15% - To get an estimate precise, an in-depth analysis is needed, based on the measurements of the property - external and internal - this procedure is called <survey> and generally has a cost, which certainly does not include municipal taxes...-

his 20% extension refers to 20% of what total surface area of your house in Tuscany? -in which area of Tuscany is your house located? - Is it possible that the technician is a novice? that is, that <someone> has informed Him, that you are a <naive foreigner>, ready to put his hand into his wallet...-

Thanks for your reply Ugo.  You're right, they need to do surveys etc to get a more precise idea of costs, but I am hoping they can provide an approximate estimate (your example of 10-15% difference is what I thought) before doing the surveys so we know whether we can even afford it...

Hi Fran,

I am an architect working in north Italy ………unfortunately a bit too far from Tuscany to be of help to you. I went to Sheffield Uni. and qualified there – so your home town is special to me.

Anyway I have over the years taken over from other architects or geometras who turned out to be “bad uns”, and the clients looked me up and asked me to take over from their bad “tecnico”. The “bad” geometras or architects have ALWAYS been recommended to the client by the Estate Agent. I don’t mean that all Estate Agents  always recommends bad professionals, but it does seem to happen often.

Anyway from what I can understand you need a ball park figure for the whole project before starting, which any local professional should be able to give you at the drop of a hat – but it will be a rough cost e.g. €2000/m2  and not be a super accurate cost estimate, but give you an pretty good idea of the cost range.  To be honest I cannot tell from your description if the Geometra’s fee is too high, because if it includes applying for Building Permits that is a big chunk of work and responsibility which might be ok as a fee offer, especially if you are in  protected zone. I would need to see the Geometra’s fee offer to understand best. If you want you could send it to me. Let me know – if you want me to have a look at the offer.  But at any rate it is always good to get two or three offers from other professionals and ideally get recommnedations for professionals from other people in your area.