Hello,Can anyone help me - especially any Australians.&

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Can anyone help me - especially any Australians.


I have an Australian Client for whom I refurbished their house on Lake Como, now they are living in Italy for over 12 months, and in their Pension years.


The problem is that after 12 months residency  he needs to swap his Australian  driving license with an Italian one.


He has been told the in order to do that he needs to take the driving test again in Italy.

Unfortunately he does not speak or understand Italian very well, so he is not willing to take the test as he is pretty sure he will fail if it.


Can anyone tell me if  an Australian really needs to  take the test again or if it is possible to convert the Australian license into an International license and then swap that with the Italian one?

Or – if the Australian license really requires the re-taking of the test in Italian – if an interpreter is allowed when a non-Italian carries out the test?  Or if the test can be carried out in English?


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Yes, if they cannot exchange their licence for an Italian one before its expiry, then they must take the test in Italian.  Help is not allowed - you are driving  in Italy and must understand Italian road signs etc. 

Having said that, the high Court has ruled that knowledge of Italian is not necessary to take your test.  So its a typical mess.  

Ronco , try > https://www.agenziagammariccione.it/pratiche/

I have used them for some of my clients with excellent results



we are in the year 2020 not in 700 BC

Italy is no longer a wasteland populated by many small kingdoms and castles, with princes, vassals and serfs

For over 20 years, I have been obtaining mortgages in every part of Italy, without leaving my desk in front of the pc in umbria - The Gamma agency can obtain a driving license, for an inhabitant of Como, even lying, in the sun, on the beach of Rimini  ...

Hi Ugo,


my client called the driving school in Riccione and apparently they "don't do it amymore" - what it is that they do not do anymore - I have no idea as I do not know the details of the phone call, but maybe it was that they don't assisit english speaking foreigners to get their Italian license anymore

send an email to > agenzia.gamma@gmail.com

even in english - attention MR Daniele

explaining the problem

clearly your client has told you what he understood - if he wants to live in Italy, the time has come for you to learn a minimum of Italian - I am convinced that if I go to Camberra and ask, in perfect Italian, an Australian agency , by phone, perhaps using a good Umbrian dialect, some information - they could even answer me, in perfect English, with Australian inflections - anything, which I would interpret in any way

but since he is YOUR customer, that is, one who pays you for a service - You are the one who has to call the agencies in Italy ... don't you think?

anyway .. and since it's business, I expect by YOU at least a cappuccino with a cream croissant   ...

> http://www.mit.gov.it/come-fare-per/patenti-mezzi-e-abilitazioni/patenti-mezzi-stradali/conversione-patente-estera




Hi Ugo,

thanks for that - but if only I was being paid by them to sort out their innumerable problems. The refurbishment I did for them was finished and paid for many many years ago. I am just trying to help them out as they as nice people and obviously need a hand. 

Ronco ...

so it was business, the fact that a customer is today or yesterday does not change his situation as a customer and yours as a service provider. My customers know they can count on my availability even after tens of years .. and not just the customers .., many here know ..
but if the help generates business .. (also valid for services already paid) there are no ifs and buts .. that can exempt you from a ..