Hello,I an American trying to buy a second home

07/31/2023 - 19:53


I an American trying to buy a second home in Italy, do you advise hiring a Geometra surveyor ? I do not speak Italian so I am hoping to find someone can speak little English, do you recommend anyone on Termoli  Guglionese Area. Please advise

thank you for your time





it’s in Anzio which is a seaside location very close to Rome (around 40km south of Rome). She’s also selling it with a local estate agent because of the complicated process in Italy (and she’s Italian!). It’s a 1 bedroom with a huge terrace with an amazing sea view. Apartment is in great conditions and comes completely furnished as well. In summer you can make up to 100 eur/night on booking.com or airb&b if you want to rent it because the area is a loved local (Romans) tourist location and full of history (you can google Anzio there’s stuff in English too). I can put you in contact with her. Since she’s Italian she won’t have issues helping with the agency or whoever you want to hire

Are you in a huge rush? Cuz this is a new thing and the agency took the pics yesterday so the listing will be ready Wednesday or Thursday. If you can wait until then I’ll send it over as soon as my friend has it. Let me know. If you’re around Rome you can go see the place as well. In any case everything would be done through the agency since my friend has already signed the contract with them

No rush at all ,I have been dealing with couple of Italian real estate agents and trust me they take their sweet time to answer questions, emails or give any constructive info,so I came to conclusion that Italian agents are so different than the one here in the US, they are getting paid by the buyer and seller so no reason to go above or beyond clients needs.


Indeed, I’ve had my share of trouble too here. It looks like it’ll be a while. Ok then as soon as I have the listing I’ll post it here so you can have a look. It’ll likely happen next week 

just a heads up: i see you’re buying in Molise. Just be careful because most of those areas around mountains are seismic. Houses made of stones are the first ones to go down or get severely damaged after a 5. Something earthquake. Back in 2002 there was an earthquake, a 5. Something and the roof of a school cane down killing around 30 children and a teacher. Just make sure you get a house with very good foundations. They don’t tell this stuff to people unfortunately since they only want to sell the idea of idyllic 

Hello Lauren,

Thank you for your insight and information, I really appreciate that ,I feel that you gave me more valid responses in 10 minutes than my "real estate agent" in 3 months. Do you live in Italy?.

I love to stay in touch if you have time my name is Gus my email knightunder@hotmail.com.

Thanks again for sharing you knowledge with me.