Hello,I ordered the bookWalking in Abruzzoback on March 4th

03/10/2022 - 22:31


I ordered the book Walking in Abruzzo back on March 4th but have yet to see that it has shipped out to me yet.  Can you please provide me with an approximate ship date?  The order number is 21165.

I am hoping to get this pretty soon as it is a gift for my wife, who was born in Abruzzo!

Please note... I find it interesting that the web page used to submit this request does NOT have a topic item relating to issues with an order, since clearly you do have a store for selling items to consumers!!!


Larry A. Coates



I haven't ordered books in a long time. There were just situations when the goods did not arrive on time or did not come at all what was needed. I read everything online, recently found "kafka on the shore", used https://freebooksummary.com/category/kafka-on-the-shore for that. So it is much more convenient for me and as soon as I want to read something, I can immediately do it. And you don't have to wait and spend a lot of money.