Hello,I'm delighted to have found

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05/30/2019 - 05:05

Hello,I'm delighted to have found this website and find the comments really informative. So here goes with my second post. We are hoping to purchase a property near Cortona. We understand that we will need to open a bank account in Italy in order to withdraw the purchase funds in the form of banker's drafts to pay the deposit(s) and the final balance of the purchase price. Does anyone have experience of how much either Monte dei Paschi or UniCredit (both of whom appear to have branches in Cortona) might charge to receive our purchase funds in Euros from the UK?Also, does anyone happen to know whether these particular branches in Cortona have any bilingual staff to help us open an account ... until my Italian gets up to speed! Any advice appreciated. Thanks for your help!



Hi Colette ,I would leave the Monte dei Paschi, has recently had several banking problems .. and maybe even Unicredit, and I would turn instead to the Banca Intesa, which is in the central square of Cortona, in front of the town hall.Search for mr. Cappelletti, if you want you can also go to my name .. angelUgo, by www.lifeinitaly.it

Ciao Colette ,Mr Cappelletti spoke english , and in the staff have other peoples that spoke english , no problem . I live in umbria, near Todi ,  currently working in the whole Italian territory, exclusively for foreign customers, in the field of mortgages.