Help - I have a lounge lizard!

08/20/2010 - 06:53

Two nights ago a gecko appeared in my lounge. It stayed high up on the wall and I couldn't reach it even if I were brave enough to handle it.  Yes, I know they are quite sweet, eat mosquitoes, etc and it only scares me when it moves!  It didn't appear the next night but last night it had migrated to the hall. Now, I can just about live with it in the lounge but I couldn't relax if it came into the bedroom!  I don't want it to die and I don't want my dog to kill it, which she would if it went on the floor.  Also I'm worried about it: if it stays in the house, won't it die without water? Or could it be secretly drinking from the dog's bowl? I've tried talking to it and cajoling it but it won't go outside - it just plays peep-oh all the time! Does anyone have any ideas as to how I casn get it back outside, please? I don't think this is the creature I saw before as it stays high up on the walls. Pat