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06/01/2009 - 11:20

I keep coming back to the community and trying again but I have no idea how to 'post'.  I try to reply to things but although I can type in my message I can't work out how to 'send' it. I was an avid reader of the previous forum but cannot get my head round this - keep thinking it will all become clear but it hasn't so far. Is the problem that I really only have five minute bursts and cannot come to terms with it in that time?  Do I need to allocate a spare day to understand it?This I presume is an intro page, but I am loathe to introduce myself until I know who I am introducing myself to and I cannot get a feel of things at present. I can now only see a 'save' button - I will hit that, but will it send?


 A warm welcome.  Yes it does become a little easier to navigate when you find out where everything is.   However there are elements that I would like to see introduced here if possible, like personal photograohic albums and group set ups as with the previous Forum.  I don't think thhough is possible with the type of software being used.  However I hope I am wrong. regards,  sempre_italia

Hi Flyingpigs,a warm welcome to the new community. Thanks for joining here. Here's a little guide to help you to get started:1. post:  at the end of the page that allows you to create a post, click on the button "save" to send the message. - which is probably what you may have done, since I can read it.2. If you want to introduce yourself to the community, create a post under the topic "introductions" .See example of Introductions here: To make a post public be sure not to click on any group.I actually think that the best way to get used to something is to make some practice - as you are doing pretty well.I'm sure that you'll learn more features and like to participate to the CommunityIn any case don't worry. Admins are here to help community members, so don't hesitate do ask us for advice.Niente Paura!Valentina 

You can post your queries about the community usage in this open group: - which all new members should be part of as default.How to do it? Create a new post and click on "Community Guide and Usage Support Group".You can also send us a private message through the menu on the side bar.Hope this help Buon divertimento!

 Hi Flyinpigs, good to see you here. Valentina has explained the basics to you. It only takes a bit more time to get used to the format, but you will soon forget the old one. The key to overcoming the initial problems is to participate. So we all look forward to hearing more from you.