Help! We're renovating a house near

02/02/2019 - 20:24

Help! We're renovating a house near Palermo, in a small town. We are in the center of town and solar panels are forbidden. We need to run this continuous water boiler. How can we get enough power? Our contractors already ignored my instructions and wired the house with what I think is monophase tho they said it was two phase, which I know nothing of, with a max of 6 kw. I know we need to upgrade to three phase. How does one go about it? And will it be enough juice? If not how can we get continuous hot water? At present there is no gas. THANKS 



You won't get three phase in town. 6Kw is more than adequate for a continuous hot water boiler, a modern  energy saving boiler will use  around 1Kw max . I had 3Kw in my house and had a 80 litre boiler permanently on - there was no problem.

Thanks!! But by continuous hot water I mean constant. An 80 litre boiler only provides about 3-4 minutes of hot water for a shower before the temperature drops, and only about 6 minutes before its cold, then will need time to reheat. An 8 minute shower uses about 56 liters of hot water, so for only one hot shower you need about a 120 liter boiler. Ordinary tank boilers of 80 liters or smaller (<20 gallons)  don't reheat the water while running fast enough for the water to run hot continuously, We need a tankless heater or a 300 liter tank boiler to have hot water all the time. I havent seen a 300 litre boiler than can be run on 6kw.  I wrote to several manufacturers of continuous hot water boilers, who make both trifase and monofase versions for the US where the current available is different, and recieved replies like this from all of them : "In riferimento alla vostra richiesta penso che é molto difficile, perché un’collegamento elettrico (residenziale per cliente privato) monofase con 230V in italia normalmente é previsto con una potenza di 3,3 kW o massimo 5,0 kW. Con quelle potenze (elettriche) non si riesce a soddisfare la potenza (termica) che serve per un scaldaacqua instantaneo adatto per doccia" and "come da mia Email di ieri, per proporle l’apparecchio più adeguato alle Vostre esigenze dovremmo conoscere la potenza a Voi necessaria o l’utilizzo che farete dell’acqua calda.Come anticipato in Italia è estremamente difficile ottenere la fornitura di potenze superiori a 6 kW con tensione di 230 Volt (monofase).Nel caso vi servisse un apparecchio in grado di produrre istantaneamente acqua calda per una doccia normale (7/8 litri/min) sono necessari non meno di 15 kW di potenza e sarà necessario scegliere tra un boiler trifase di alta potenza (Stiebel Eltron ne ha numerosi) o un boiler con accumulo."We're in Termini Imerese, it's not tiny, there are high rises and some Norwegians down the street are putting in a jacuzzi in their townhouse: there must be three phase available for private homes. Up until now the contractor has been dealing with everything, but now I need to arrange this myself anI need some advice about what to ask ENEL for and what's involved in rewiring  once the trifase is brought to the house. Thanks! 

Sounds like your shower has too much flow.  Most peoples shower do not have much flow and an 80 litre tank can normally supply 2-3 peoples showers.  Try changing the size of the shower head. We have an 80ltre tank and 3KW supply and can manage 3 showers in the morning.   Welcome to Termini.... we are in Trabia next door :)

I agree.  if your scaldabagno is on high then you will get 200ltrs of water for a shower given the amount of cold that must be mixed with the hot.  you say you’re not allowed solar panels. why?  Are you in the Centre storico, or would your solar panel be visible from a UNESCO site?  Does termini have specific rules on this?  However, you will not get 3 phase in town.  You have a maximum of 6 kw so you need to plan around that.  Or use less water.Bear in kind that Engel has no obligation to bring you electricity.