Here's one for you, and kudos to the person who

04/04/2023 - 21:59

Here's one for you, and kudos to the person who can truly answer it: Sure, you automatically pay the Canone RAI TV tax through your electric bill, but here's the zinger. If you don't have an electric bill one period or you have a credit and thus a negative bill, the Canone doesn't get billed to you because the electric company only collects that fee when you are paying money to your electric bill. Therefore, if you don't pay because you cannot, you are in arrears now on your Canone TV and subject to a fine.

It seems that you can pay this tax directly to the Agenzia delle Entrate with a wire transfer of funds(if you don't have an Italian bank account--I do not) about which they provide full instructions on their web site. There is also a form with which to pay this tax entitled the F24, a very simple form, with no instructions anywhere on how to upload this and/or send it to them. Great info all around on this website, except what you need to know. 

Any ideas out there? My bill is due for the TV tax as indicated in my electric bill. Incidentally I don't own a TV, but honestly that's the least of my worries! Grateful for any insights or tips.




The Canone Rai is debited from your electricity bill, but it depends how much depending on whether you have monthly or bimonthly bills -  To be honest Ive never thought about it not being taken if you have a credit - I just assume they would catch up over the year.  There are theoretically 10 monthly debits of 9 euros each.  I have bi monthly bills so they take 18 euros each time.

Anyway, if you have to pay by F24, you need an italian bank account, or you can go to an accredited tabacchi and pay it there though they will need your tessera Codice Fiscale.  If you dont have the plastic card, you will need to go to a bank or a PO and plead with them to pay for you - technically they have to, but they try and only pay their own clients F24s.

However, on the agenzia delle entrate site there is an option for foreigners without an Italian bank account to pay by wire transfer :…

in the reason for payment/causale you must put your codice fiscale, the year the payment covers and the tribute code, which will be TVRI if you've paid before. TVNA if its a new user. 

Thank you for your insights into this. I get it that it's pretty simple to send a wire transfer to pay for this. In principal I should also send the F24. Mind you, I'm not in Italy right now and this is due in a few days. Sending the F24 is a whole other thing. It may not be possible. You can see how the Italian government is trying to simplify things, but I'm not sure how well that is going when there is non ordinary circumstance like mine. You WOULD think that if you didn't pay the Canone Tax on this current electric bill, it would roll over to the next billing period, perhaps you'd pay interest, and move on. But oh no, that would be simple and even logical! Instead one enters into an entire labyrinth and system of some kind of special bureaucratic madness....

What I'm going to do is pay the 18 Euros owed, by wire transfer, with comments about what the payment is for. At least then, I will have paid it. I've read that those who don't pay get sent to a collection agency which can cost between 120 and 520 euros. Maybe I can send an F24 after the fact or deliver one through the means you suggest. 

Online filling in the F24 only worked in spots. Then, you have to sign up for some kind of online platform "Fiscoline) that enables you to send the form. I got stuck on a needed code called the "Domanda di Abilitazione." with the codice fiscale number(which I have--the other one makes no sense) so with online delivery of the F24 I'm dead in the water. Any further commentary on your part would be most appreciated. 

I came to this same conclusion as they only possibility, but your reply confirms my thoughts. I can't thank you enough for weighing in and helping me. The high kudos go to you.