Hey everyone! Happy Thanksgiving to any

11/27/2014 - 05:49

Hey everyone! Happy Thanksgiving to any Americans (or belated for you Canadians) living abroad. I thought it would be fun to share ours plans for Turkey Day in Italy. Personally I've been living in Florence for over eight years now and Thanksgiving is becoming less of a 'priority' though I do miss family and friends. I am planning to go to a friend's house for dinner and bringing my favorite cornbread and a sweet potato side. While I have done dinner at my house it is just so much work and I begin to more or less hate the Turkey by the time everything is said and done, plus there is always way too many leftovers. I know there are many events around Italy helping foreigners celebrate this day abroad, but are any of you partaking in that? I'd love to hear your 'Thanksgiving in Italy' stories :) 


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