Hi allHas anyone had success in

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Hi allHas anyone had success in applying for an Italian passport in the UK?I have Italian parents but I was born in the UK. I’d like to get an Italian passport but my first issue is that my birth certificate has not been registered in Italy.I’ve looked at the Italian consulate website and it’s not clear what I need to do (there are a few forms but I don’t know which one is correct) It is also not clear whether I would get my birth certificate back and I would need this to get the passport I’m assuming. I have e-mailed them numerous times  but they don’t reply and they never answer the phone !I have also contacted the relevant comune in Italy to see if I can bypass the consulate but again I get no response Any ideas ? Thanks 



Before you can apply for a passport you have to be registered on AIRE which is like council roll. You can do it from UK on line and it means becoming domicled in the last comune that either you or parents resided in Italy. Once done you can book online for s passport. I'm doing it and a nightmare getting s slot. London had more slots. Vice consulate slots are released one s month and are gone in five minutes. Everyone is trying to hedge their bets. I wish i had never let mine expire!

Hi TonyI’ve been trying to get some sort of response from the London Consulate for months ...it’s frustrating isn’t it ?? I’ve previously e-mailed all the available addresses but they just don’t reply.I cannot register with the AIRE yet as my birth certificate has not been registered in the relevant comune in Puglia...this is the bit I’m having an issue with. Do you know whether I need my birth certificate again to apply for the passport ? It’s been translated and legalised but I think once it’s sent off they won’t return it....it’s an expensive business to get it translated and legalised again !!   

I'm afraid you have to be on AIRE otherwise pointless getting a passport appointment as AIRE is used to check entitlement. Not easy but open an account on the Italian consulate website and you can see there is a facility to get registered. I have not tried it but it looks as if you have to upload scanned documents. I need to do it for my wife but I keep putting it off.

Okay, so I have finally attended an appointment for a passport at Birmingham. Not a great experience as the volunteer staff are very busy. I asked about your question, if starting from scratch then step one is to apply for citizenship on line. Next step is to get registered on AIRE apparently again online. I haven't done to these two steps but it takes about a year all told. Finally apply for passport filling in a simple MOD1 form with a couple of photos. You can prove identify with drivers or UK passport. You must book online otherwise I they turn you away. My experience is i think London would have been better as more slots. You have to attend because of fingerprinting. Not fun.

Thanks for your reply and also thinking of me when you went to the Consulate ! I’m still not at the stage where I can register with AIRE because of the birth certificate situation. I think FGan is right and it will be easier to take my birth certificate to Puglia ...the Italian consulate website is now under construction for the pages I need ! Anyway it might be an excuse to catch up with the family out there. We’ll see ! 

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Hi, ok that helps heaps. so the process in Australia won’t be much different is the uk as it’s the Italian way...step 1 - you will need the following documents.original birth certificate - they will keep it so you need to get a new one from births,deaths, marriages. You will then need to have this apostle. Once you have done this, there are a list of approved translators on the Italian embassy website - pick one and have your birth certificate translated into Italian. The Italian version does not need an apostle if you are married you will need to do the same thing with your marriage certificate and you may need your partner there during the process as Italian law states permission is needed from both parties for citizenship and passport etci think you mentioned that your parents were born in Italy? If so, take their birth certificates with you and their marriage certificate. If you don’t have these then you will need to order them from Rome. You are applying for an acestor citizenship so you need to prove their citizenship first. If they were not born there, then let me know and I will tell you the steps you need to take for this. step 2. You need to book a first visit appointment for ancestry citenzship on the website, I think the uk might be ahead of us so there may be an online portal now that you can upload all your documents to. I am in the middle of transferring my brothers aire to the uk so it is a little different there. The embassy will go through your parents documents to prove your entitlement and then yours to ensure you have everything you need to be processed. There is generally a fee of around 350 Australian dollars to be paid on approval. Once you are approved, the embassy sends your birth certifate to the town which your family comes from to be kept on file and then you will fill out the aire form which just tells them where you are living abroad.  After your citizenship is approved you can then apply for your passport. If you have kids then you will need to do all of the same documents above for them but they are free if under 18 years old and automatically will have their citizenship. it can take up to 3 months to get an appointment here in Australia so first step is to jump on your local Italian embassy website and make a profile. Usually the information on the appointment process is clear but they don’t really tell you all the documents you need etc so this gives you a step ahead.  Any my questions let me know.laura 

I'm in a similar position, however my first passport was issued in London 10 years ago... I've been trying to renew it for 8 months now... had to go to Birmingham.

The consulate says they can't renew my passport because they are waiting for my birth certificate from the comune in Italy. I had contacted the comune and they sent me the documents, but I suspect they didn't send to the consulate.

The consulate only reply to my emails saying that they are still waiting to hear from the comune!!!!

It's really frustrating and it's affecting both my professional and personal live... don't know what else to do.

Well I am still no further forward in my attempts to register my birth certificate in London. The new prenota online  system is worse than before.

However I will be going to Puglia in April with my dad and we will be taking all the relevant documents there to see if something can be done.

sorry to hear about your situation too. I would have thought it would be more simple since you have actually had a passport ! I don’t hold out much hope for me ! I have 6 years to sort this out as this is when I plan to move to Italy!!