Hi All,I was just wondering whether in

11/06/2014 - 14:35

Hi All,I was just wondering whether in Italy there are website where you can find out the price a property was last sold at and in which year.  Such sites exist for the UK and there are great.  I am trying to find out the price of a property am interested in and I know if was bought two years ago and fully renovated. Knowing the price paid by the vendor would help me assess whether the current asking price is right, over the top etc..Thank you for any hints!  



There are no Multiple Listing Services offered by Realtors in Italy, thus this information is difficult to obtain. On line services to obtain deed info is almost nonexistent. Other than going to the provincial offices in person or somehow obtaining this info fromn Notaios , it is doubtful that you will get this info.

You could go to the local comune and fish out the contract by which it was sold. In the bad old days this would have shown the official price and not the total since most people paid a separate balance to cut down on taxes. I don't know if this is still common.

The atto won't necessarily reflect the real buying price, it should...but doesn't always. Try this chap, he helped me out and although probably won't be able to tell you the pruchase price last time exchanged, he could check it over for you...I've used him and he really is very good.www.sites.google.com/site/buildersinspections