Hi, brand new to this board so be gentle... does

09/23/2020 - 04:47

Hi, brand new to this board so be gentle... does anyone have any recommendations for banks that will give UK citizens a mortgage in Italy?

I've just moved from the UK and am getting my residency next week. I've had an offer accepted on an apartment (it's cheaper to buy than rent where I am living) and because the residency seems straightforward the banks I'd approached were treating me as a resident. I've been told there's not a problem with my income for what I'm asking for (it's the cheapest flat in town, ha) but that since my income was earned in the UK, they can't verify it. I suggested giving them 5 years of tax returns, and getting it officially translated and signed off by a notaio or a lawyer, but they say it's not possible - any earnings have to have been earned in Italy. I'm trying other banks but it takes over a week to get an appointment in the place I'm living so was wondering if anyone has any good ideas of places to try first?




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