Hi, can anyone help on this site please?We had

04/21/2024 - 05:24

Hi, can anyone help on this site please?

We had our house painted and a few years on its peeling, it looks so bad.  We’ve scraped and painted the bottom but need ladders to reach the top as we are painting it ourselves.  Can we hire ladders, we are near Bagni di Lucca?  Also can we get metal garden fencing delivered?  We should hire a van instead of a car and just put everything in it, it’s probably too costly.  Thank you.



Hi Alan

It’s quite remote, the house opposite is empty and our next door neighbour, we’ve met once.  Hopefully we can find somewhere that rents them out or buy one as they will be needed more in the future.  Thank you for taking the time to reply 😊, might be worth knocking on the door if they are there this time.

I think you just need to find metal fencing you like and most builders merchants will deliver. I agree with asking neighbours if they know anyone who will lend a ladder, a good way to break the ice as most people are willing to help.