Hi everybody! :)Well, I think the

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09/09/2016 - 10:16

Hi everybody! :)"Do you know any musical instrument maker and repairer course in Italy where I can learn to be a wind instrument maker and repairer after high school graduation?"Well, I think the essence is in my question. I'm planning to go abroad and learn to be a wind musical instrument maker and repairer, and since I'm interested in Italy, I thought I put my little question here. Unfortunately, I just started to learn Italian, so it's quite hard for me to search it for myself on internet. Anyway I found Cremona, but I guess that's for string instruments, especially violin. So if you know any schools and courses where I can learn to be a wind instrument maker, please-please, reply me! :)I'd be really thankful! Thank you! :) P.s.: Of course, I'm looking for a course where not only Italian but EU students (I'm Hungarian) can participate, too.



Kata.Here is a link to many various wind instrument makers, repair craftsman and more. Perhaps you can find some contacts that can help guide you. I have heard that Bologna has a wonderful conservatory with all sorts of courses.... https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=it&u=http://www.latromba.it/rip.htm&prev=search --Jerry FInzi

Hii! :)Thank you a lot for your reply, to say the truth I didn't even expect to get one since it's quite an old question :D But, still actual, I'm still interested, even more, so really really thank you for your help, I'm going to check out these sites! :)Have a nice day,Kata :)