Hi everyone - are any of you non-Italian residents looking

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07/01/2021 - 14:38

Hi everyone - are any of you non-Italian residents looking into the Super Eco Bonus? I am still waiting for information from the bank of how it can work with the trading of tax credits.

Also, could anyone recommend an EPC Technician? I asked our geometra if we could investigate over 4 months ago and the appointment with the tecnico to make the EPC assessment has still not been arranged. I wondered if this is typical: I hear there is a huge material and labour shortage and everyone is very busy because of the bonus but it would be good to have a bit more clarity!

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I am an architect, currently we are carrying out two Eco superbonus projects in Piemonte. I confirm that the market has become very over stimulated. To discuss better the very complex issues it is better to have a chat. Please see my contact details from my site   https://www.rinovaprojects.com/

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I’m looking into it as well and can see this is very complicated.  It’s never easy.   I’ve been waiting over a month for an evaluation on my property.   Ughhhhh   Anyone know of an English speaking real estate agent in Terracina area?