Hi a friend of mine (Italian with British citizenship) is

08/04/2023 - 14:24

Hi a friend of mine (Italian with British citizenship) is selling her sea view, big terraced 1 bedroom apartment very near Rome (Anzio). She bought it as a summer house for her mother who’s 83. She broke her femur a couple of weeks before the fina deed was signed and she can’t climb up the stairs (the apartment is an attic on the second floor with no lift). She’s selling to buy a ground floor place nearby with a garden instead. She’ll be selling with a local agency because of the complicated paperwork and to ensure things are done properly and she’d like to also target the US and UK market. She would like to advertise the apartment, the agency will be listing it on gate away. com but people don’t really look in that area (Anzio) even though it’s full of history (Nero’s residence, WW2 history) so we want to advertise the advertisement if that makes sense! Would like to ask for advice, ANY advice would be much appreciated!