Hi, I wonder if anyone else has

06/26/2019 - 15:04

Hi, I wonder if anyone else has been through the Enel online bill payment registration process please?Enel supply electricity to our house.  I'm registering on the Enel website to pay the current bill and all future bills online. The process is relatively straightforward.At the end a box appears and you are asked to enter your mobile phone number, then Enel will send you a code by text/sms.  Once you have the code you enter it and your registration is complete.  The problem i'm having is entering my mobile number in the box.  I'm in the UK, my mobile number is a UK based mobile number, so i've tried:1 the full number beginning with 072 the full number minus the 03the number with 44 in front of itEach time I try this a message appears on the screen to say that the number is incorrect.I appear to be 99% there interms of providing all the other info to ENEL and wondered if anyone else has been through this and is there something very simple that I am not doing correctly?Thank you



Hi,the Enel Energia customer services number is +39 0664511012, if you call from UK is worth to call them through Skype if you have an account with credit...it cost £3.50 a month only Italian  landline number.Good LuckGianni

I’m sure there was a way of getting into an area to put in a foreign number, but I can’t recall ever getting it to work, seem to remember it failed. Of course this was a long time back and not possible to look at now.However I would add, an awful lot of things will eventually need a mobile, as is the case now in the UK. This will only be more so as there is new EU law coming in this year whereby finance has to have secondary confirmation i.e. more or less forcing 2FA (two factor authentication). So it may be better to get yourself a cheap mobile in Italy or an unlocked mobile with an Italian sim. Certainly TIM were still doing a PAYG sim, and WIND last I looked. I still have my TIM PAYG sim and top-up once every 10 month to stop it expiring (even though they told me it was 11 or 12 month and extended if it was used). I picked up a cheap (<€25) Samsung at the big supermarket in Italy, but you can get an unlocked mobile in the likes of the UK quite cheap. So a one off cost and a few Euro a year, and you can use the mobile to call up you pizza when in Italy! 

Hi Chris I did this around 18 months ago and spoke with ENEL directly at the time. Their system will not accept a non italian mobile phone number and you cannot proceed without one. I looked into purchasing a pay as you go SIM and visited about half a dozen phone shops only to be told that pay as you go doesnt exist in the same way as it does in the UK and that it is necessary to top it up every month for a minimum period of 12 months which made it quite an expensive proposition for a one off text (once you included the initial fee). We asked an Italian friend if we could use their mobile for the code to be sent to which they agreed to and they promptly forwarded the code we needed.  It was all very easy from that point and we now receive our bills monthly (somethimes bimonthly) by email and I then log on and pay using their app (which is really quite useful and easy to use) via a paypal account. 

Thanks Modi, Steve, and Mac.I tried what you suggested Modi and it worked.  I entered the number with the 00 44 prefix and it was accepted and the confirmation code from Enel was sent to my mobile phone so that I could activate my login.  I thought that was it until I got to the next screen where the same mobile phone number would not be accepted with or without the 00 44 prefix. It's the screen where you are asked for your billing address in Italy.Mac, which number did yo contact Enel on please? I've tried 800 900 800 which is the number given on the bill but can't get through, with or without the 00 39 country code.  I'm tempted to wait until i'm in Italy in July but id like to sort it now if possible.ThanksChris

In the end I wrote them a letter in my best italian explaining my postal address and telephone number.  They sent me a form to pay the bill by direct debit and I posted it back to them and was sorted.  You could try this 

I can understand your frustration , I spent many hours getting a new account with Enel. I did have an Italian number to receive the code and still had problems. Enel chat told me to try using Google Chrome . That may have done the trick in the end plus including a written request. I registered and my credit card would not process but pay pal did. Good luck

Hi,the Enel Energia customer services number is +39 0664511012, if you call from UK is worth to call them through Skype if you have an account with credit...it cost £3.50 a month only Italian  landline number.Good LuckGianni