Hi.  Just moved to Italy and

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02/13/2019 - 03:59

Hi.  Just moved to Italy and signed up for a loyalty card at the local Ali (carta fedelta). I’ve successfully registered on the web site and have my card. Can anyone explain how the system works please? I can se that points are show on my profile page but how do I spend them?Many thanks 



Ciao She57I've got the Ali carte fedelta.  3 main benefits are * better price on some products when using the card (you might have already seen the two prices listed on the shelves), *  you may get a free additional product when buying something on promotion (only ever happened to me once :( ) *  and the 'free' products once a year.Have a look at the Premiali section on the website, this shows what you can get with your points and includes everything from a shopping bag to a skipass.  Everything has a 'cost' and if you have enough points you can get them for free, otherwise you might be able to put euros towards the item.You can order your products online or in store, I think around early summer each year ( I don't collect enough points so don't remember exactly the date of this).Keep a lookout as well for the product magazine at the front of the store (won't be there until it's ready) and this will list everything available for you to spend your points on.You can also donate points to charity orgs and these good causes will be listed alongside everything else.T