Hi, My name is Linda and I am 59. I am

03/24/2018 - 05:26

Hi, My name is Linda and I am 59. I am  moving to Mantova in Lombardia in August with my husband to retire in Italy. I would love to meet with either other expats from the area of Mantova and Verona. I would like hear about their experiences of living in Italy.  I would also be happy to hear from any Italians living in the area to hear their views on life in the region.   I am learning Italian and intend to take a more intensive course when we move, so if anyone can recommend a course, school etc that would be great.



Ciao Linda
I suggest you a homestay language vacation in Bergamo, a beautiful medieval village and in Lake Como to be fully immersed into the Italian language and culture, before moving to Mantova
You can visit my website for more info

Hi Linda - I am moving to Mantova area in about 1 1/2 years with my husband - to semi-retire as well.  Would love to meet you - and others in the area- please get in touch!  we visit fairly often - plan to be there in March for a short visit - working on refurbishing a house.   I did find a FaceBook page of  an English speaking club in the city.  

I look forward to meeting!  





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