HiCan anyone recommend a English/

04/08/2019 - 16:18

HiCan anyone recommend a English/Italian lawyer that speaks English/italian that can progress registering land inheritance in italy for us. The region is Liguria, near to Ventimiglia. The Agenzia d'Entrate have the house details however we don't know how to progress or whom to ask.Thanks



hi  Terryinheritance = successione  in italyfor info here >  https://www.notariato.it/en/famiglia/successioni advise you use a Notary , you can select  one -english speacking -  from this listhttps://www.notariato.it/en/trova-notaio?search=1&nome=&cognome=&cap=&regione_provincia=PROV_35&localita=1917