Hi.I have arrived at my house I find some

07/29/2020 - 02:13


I have arrived at my house I find some guests are already here.

I have Ghiri or edible dormouse.

They are very cute, almost tame, they let me get extremely close. Generally they just stop and look at me with big eyes not running away. BUT they have been known to chew cables so must go.

I am looking for humane options to persuade them to leave.

They are also driving my dog to to distraction. 




Surprisingly,  it appears that  if you trap dormice in the UK, you cannot release them in the wild, but have to humanely kill them.

Hopefully its different in Italy

To get them to go away, you will need to trap them, and release them well away from your house - by "well" meaning 1 mile plus.

To discourage more coming, block off every entry to the house, even those at roof level  remove climbing plants from the walls and remove overhanging branches.

Good luck - you'll need it


Good advice....But none of those are realistic options. Its an old mill, loads of climbing plants, holes and tunnels everwhere.

I know the romans liked them dipped in honey however as my wife is a life long vegi thats not an option either.