Hi,I have just bought an apartment in Italy and

08/14/2020 - 12:32


I have just bought an apartment in Italy and I am feeling a little lost and helpless.. I am not planning to move to Italy for another two or three years, so I would definitely need to avoid the consumption part of the utilities cost.

I now have to arrange my own contracts, but I know almost nothing about the providers and the way they charge for the services. I don't speak Italian either to fill in the Offerta forms, I was kindly asked for me and on my behalf by my lovely sellers. The Offers I have are from: Servizio Elettrico Nazionale and Enel for the gas supply. The electric company suggests that I should just change the name on the existing account, would cost 77Euro, and I have no clue what is the suggestion and the offer of the gas provider.

Could I please ask someone to explain to me the way the utility providers work?  Or maybe there is an answer somewhere on the site? Are the companies I have offers from good? Shall I look for someone better/ cheaper? Will they work with me in English and online? I have a bank account in Italy to arrange a Direct Debit.

I will also have to arrange some renovation, but this will be the next challenge.

Thanks a lot in advance.




the Italian website of the authority for energy and gas -
at the top right of the page, the button to activate the English language

> https://www.arera.it/it/inglese/index.htm

faq pages - use google translator

Electricity >  https://www.arera.it/atlante/it/elettricita/capitolo_1/elenco_domande_paragrafo_1.htm

Gas >  https://www.arera.it/atlante/it/gas/capitolo_1/elenco_domande_paragrafo_1.htm

Water >   https://www.arera.it/atlante/it/idrico/capitolo_1/elenco_domande_paragrafo_1.htm