Holiday RentalWe have residency in Italy and are thinking of

05/13/2022 - 02:51

Holiday Rental

We have residency in Italy and are thinking of renting out our property in Emilia-Romagna through Airbnb and have a few questions which we hope someone may be able to help us with:-

1. How easy is the registration process through the SCIA?

2. Tax. We have no other income in Italy so would we be better opting to pay tax on the rental income through Personal Income Tax (whereby we can deduct costs/fees) or going for the lower rate of tax via Cedolare Secca considering the best way to pay the tax? How complicated are these processes? There are no City taxes in our area. 

3. Guest Registration. Guests need to be registered on the Police Accommodation Portal. As entrance to the property would be gained through a lock box and we are not always in the country, would it be acceptable to ask guests to send a photo to my phone to enable me to register them? 

Any help would really be appreciated as it all seems a bit daunting! Thanks 

Thank you. 


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